Trademark & Intellectual Property

As experienced IP lawyers we work closely with trademark lawyers to define whether any of your IP should be trademarked, or patented.

As you may be aware all of the work created by your business is protected by general copyright laws, but what is required is to protect the assignment of your IP when performing work for your clients?

To do this we draft clear, plain English clauses within your agreements that clearly define what IP gets transferred to your client, what IP is maintained by you and can be licensed to your client. If we do not address these issues and specifically provide for them in the agreements we draft for you, you may be losing your IP without meaning to do so.

How does an IT and IP Lawyer help you?

Our IP & IT lawyers can assist you with a range of matters including reviewing and advising in:

Trademark and Intellectual Property matters can be highly complex and difficult to understand. If you need assistance, contact Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors today on 02 9922 1100.