Sydney Water Easements

Have you been contacted by Sydney Water seeking to acquire a water easement over or under your land?
An easement is a legal right of access that allows Sydney Water to access and protect their pipelines on part your property. An easement is recorded on the title to your property. You should seek advice from a highly skilled land acquisition lawyer who will facilitate obtaining valuation reports and negotiating with Sydney Water to ensure that you receive the correct amount of compensation and understand the future implications of a water easement on your property title.
David Newhouse of Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors has over 25 years of experience in land acquisition matters and specialises in providing strategic advice to maximise your compensation claim for water and other service easements under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act and Water Act.

We can also advise on early access agreements if Sydney Water commences works on your property before they acquire the land.

David Newhouse is also a former barrister and non-practicing valuer, and holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Law. He is considered one of Sydney’s leading compulsory acquisition lawyers. David regularly practices in the NSW Land and Environment Court and NSW Supreme Court in relation to land acquisition, easements and other property law matters and manages to resolve a high percentage of claims before they go to Court.

Some of the recent projects involving Sydney Water that David has acted in include projects in Western and South Western Sydney, around Kemps Creek, Prestons and Badgerys Creek.

Please contact David Newhouse on (02) 99221100 for a free consultation or send through your details on the attached form.

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