Public Notary Notice of Intended Marriage – UK British

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You will need to bring with you:

• original full birth certificate;
• original British Passport;
• divorce decree for every marriage (if you have been married previously);
• original advertisement of the Notice (full page).

Copies of these documents will be taken and bound, signed and notarised by a public notary to enable you to apply for a Notice of Intended marriage in the foreign country. You will also be required to swear or affirm an affidavit to the effect that you are free to marry. There are two statutory consular fees for this service – one fee to the High Commission in Australia and the other to the consulate office in the country you are intending to marry.

Notice in local paper

The British High Commission requires the following notice published for seven days consecutively in the same newspaper:


“I, [full name], bachelor/widower/divorcé, of [full address] intend to marry [full name of fiancée], spinster/widow/divorcée, of [full address] at [name and address of place where marriage is to be solemnised] on [date of marriage]. Any person knowing of any lawful impediment to the marriage should notify without delay the Consular Section, British High Commission, Locked Bag 5011, Passport Section, Piccadilly House, 39 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra Airport ACT 2609.”