Medical & Allied Health Professionals

Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors are accredited business law specialists, supporting medical and allied health professionals in all of their personal, business and commercial dealings

Business & Commercial Matters

We have experienced business lawyers who can help:
• Buying and selling medical and allied health practices
• Leasing and sub-leasing premises;
• Sessional agreements for rooms
• Advising and setting up corporate and trust entities
• Partnership and Associate agreements
• Staffing and employment agreements
• Creating research and non-profit organisations
• Reviewing supply agreements
• Assisting with regulatory approvals
• Patient complaints

Newhouse and Arnold Solicitors understand medical and allied health practitioners are busy people and we can accommodate your personal needs.

We have partners who can assist you in your personal needs whether you are:
• Buying and selling property
• Needing a wills or need advice on estate planning
• Setting up self-managed super funds