Franchise Leasing Disputes

Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors are acting for many land owners and tenants affected by the Randwick Hospital Campus Redevelopment. We welcome enquiries from concerned residents and tenants.

Dispute with the Landlord

It is important to discuss disputes with the landlord with an experienced franchise lawyer. More often than not there will be obligations set out in the lease/licence which are linked to various contractual dispute mechanisms. You may also have rights to appeal to a Tribunal or Court to resolve the dispute.

However, most franchise agreements link many breaches of obligations under a lease or licence with the landlord, as fundamental breaches under the franchise agreement, resulting in a breach and/or termination notice to be issued.

It is important to discuss potential disputes with an experienced franchise lawyer at the earliest opportunity. Examples of disputes with landlords include, rent disputes, fit for purpose (eg. requirement to install sunshades), hours of operation, permitted use (including what can be sold ), water damage, pests, access, construction and so on.

Find out more about the various legal considerations for franchise owners on our Franchiselaw page or call 02 9922 1100 for an obligation-free, chat.