Have you received an IT Service Agreement?

If an IT supplier provides you with their contract for you to sign it is highly recommended that you obtain our legal advice before you sign the document, as they are usually written for the benefit of your supplier.

By obtaining legal advice early, you can negotiate to make it fairer and avoid any pitfalls of having worked under an unfair agreement, which could limit your rights or cost you more than what you bargained for. Often IT supplier agreements will limit your rights to the work created for you or allow your supplier to sell this IP to other companies, some of which may be your competitors.

It is imperative that you receive legal advice from our experienced IT lawyers before you sign the agreement for IT work to commence. We have a knowledgeable team to guide you and request the appropriate clauses to achieve delivery of high quality work under the agreement. Remember, these service providers are chasing your business, so changes to their contract are often met with little resistance to secure your work. Suggesting the right changes to a contract to best protect your business is not something you should be shy about and we can advise which changes are necessary to suit you.

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How our IT Lawyers help with IT Service Agreements

IT Service Agreements are usually full of technical jargon and difficult to fully understand. If you need assistance in translating the tech-speak, contact Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors today on 02 9922 1100.