IT Lawyers & IP Lawyers in Sydney

Using pro-forma IT contracts and agreements bought off a website which are not created specifically for your business will not adequately protect you or your intellectual property. In addition, if the document is copied you may infringe on someone else’s intellectual property.

Why Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors are different

We are a boutique IT law and IP practice, providing expert advice to established and start-up companies – both large and small. We understand more than just legal issues because we are involved in IT & IP issues every day in a constantly changing environment. We do not only draft contracts that are tailor made for your business, but can also advise you on how to achieve the best possible outcome if you are contemplating entering into an agreement to receive IT services.

We do not charge for the first meeting and will offer you a fixed fee service, so there are no hourly rates which only rewards slow lawyers! A fixed fee service allows you to ask as many questions as you need throughout the process of advising you. At the first meeting we will provide you with a framework and strategy to address key issues in your business. This information will not be limited to just IT and IP legal issues but also how to run a business and best protect it.

Our clients choose us because of our expertise, practical commercial experience, personal approach and the fact we communicate in plain English. It is these qualities that set us apart from others – but most importantly, we do IT law well.

If you have legal questions surrounding your IT or IP contracts, how to best protect your business or just simply assist in resolving a dispute with your client, contact Newhouse & Arnold’s Solicitors on (02) 9922 1100. It’s worth an hour of your time at no cost to meet with an experienced IT and IP lawyer to discuss your legal IT & IP issues.

How does an IT Lawyer or IP Lawyer help you?

At Newhouse & Arnold solicitors, IT and IP lawyers can assist you on a range of legal matters including reviewing and advising on the following IT & IP areas:

If you are an IT Vendor looking to protect your IP or you are seeking the services of an IT Vendor, contact New house & Arnold Solicitors today on 02 9922 1100.