Protect Your IP

We often see poorly drafted IP & IT Agreements resulting in disputes over who owns IP once it has been created. It is important to protect the IP you create, while performing work for your client.

We can advise you as to what the best solution is for your business and ensure the agreement best reflects, in plain unambiguous English, as to what each party wants to achieve. It does not matter if you are supplying the IT services or receiving them. Dealing with the rights associated with the IP that is created in the work is one of the most important aspects of what the parties are contracting about in an IT services contract. It is imperative that you receive legal advice on getting the IP issues correct in the contract or you could be “kissing your IP ownership rights good bye”. At Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors, we can guide you through complex legal terms to make sure you get what you bargain for.

How do we help you protect your Intellectual Property?

Our IP & IT lawyers can assist you with a range of legal matters in the following IT/IP related areas: Contact our IP Lawyers at New house & Arnold Solicitors on (02) 9922 1100 for an initial free consultation.

Your Intellectual property could be extremely valuable to your competitors and should be well protected. Contact New house & Arnold Solicitors today on 02 9922 1100.