In-House Counsel Support

We provide support services to in-house counsel in corporate and commercial roles.

We are a team of lawyers that have experience in supporting in-house counsel including reporting into the board of directors etc. We also have lawyers that have been employed as in-house counsel for large multi-national corporations. We know the type of pressures and support that in-house counsel face in not only providing advice to their company but also managing complex litigation and advising on most aspects of their business. We can assist you by outsourcing part of your workload at a fixed fee. From providing specialised advice in a timely manner to the company or its directors, to managing a running complex litigation, contractual disputes or debt collection. We provide quality advice in plain English for either directors or members of business units to understand the issues in which we are closely working on with you.

If you are not coping with your workload and are under tight time frames to produce work or dealing in an area that may lie outside your area of knowledge, simply contact us to discuss how we can alleviate your workload or provide you with a more manageable role in meeting your company’s legal requirements. We are flexible in how we charge our fees and can provide you with fixed fee work agreements to allow you to better manage your internal budgetary requirements.

Please contact Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors on (02) 9922 1100 for a tailored quote.