Drafting Agreements

At Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors we have many years of experience in drafting commercial agreements for all of your business needs. We have specialist business lawyers who are accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales who can assist you.

We have the know-how and specialised knowledge to best protect your business through the agreements and contracts we draft for you. We try to limit liability and exposure to put you in a stronger position in the event that your client or customer does not uphold their end of the bargain.

We take the time and effort to understand your business, so when performing work on your behalf we can create and draft agreements that will best suit your business and be industry specific. We emphasise the importance of doing business and being in a strong position in the event that a dispute arises. This can be achieved through the contract drafted on your behalf in which your customer agrees to. Please contact Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors on (02) 9922 1100.