Buying/Selling a medical or allied health practice or buying/selling a share into a practice

Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors are accredited business law specialists, supporting medical and allied health professionals in all of their personal, business and commercial dealings

At Newhouse & Arnold solicitors we have specialists’ partners who can advise you of the best structure to purchase or sell a medical or allied health practice.

If you are purchasing a practice then…

We can advise you what we need to obtain from a vendor selling the practice to preserve the patient base as best as possible and transfer. You may also need to buy out existing partners and we can assist you in structuring the purchase with you and the remaining partners.

Will can assist with due diligence and the searches you need to do to enable you to know precisely what you are buying and to know all of the risks associated with that practice. We work out a strategy how to minimize those risks in the contract. We will advise on a new lease or transfer of a lease and deal with the landlord. We can advise on the tax implications, including CGT, payment of GST and possible stamp duty concessions, which differ state by state. We can assist in transferring the resources and assets of the business, including employees, contractors and equipment leases.

If you are selling a practice or your share in a practice then…

At Newhouse & Arnold solicitors, we can assist you in exiting a practice and the strategy to get as large a sale price as possible whilst preserving your existing business relationships. We can advise on how to structure the sale to enable the benefit of the small business capital gains tax concessions and how to minimize future risk from the new purchasers or simply from past problems. We can get you out of your existing practice and into retirement or a new practice with very little fuss that enables you to concentrate on your work and minimizes future liability. We strive to give you as much flexibility on exiting a practice and to not limit your options for your next business venture.