Buying a Business?

Are you thinking of buying a business or a practice for professional services? If you considering doing so then you would want to protect your investment and make sure you buy what you bargained for…

At Newhouse & Arnold we make sure that what the business transferred to you comes to you with all of the assets of the business including the intellectual property, the trading name, the website, Facebook page, email domains etc. You would also want to be rest assured that the seller of the business does not compete against you in a nearby location and attempt to poach customers of that business.

At Newhouse & Arnold solicitors we know the latest law on restraints and the right type of agreement to put in place to protect your business. We make sure we use clear plain English, precise and certain wording so there is no ambiguity to avoid future disputes.

The partners at Newhouse & Arnold have specialised knowledge to make sure you end up what you bargained for in purchasing your business.

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