Why should you consider using an accredited business law specialist?

Of the 31,000 lawyers in New South Wales, only 100 are accredited by the NSW Law Society as Business Law Specialists. Newhouse & Arnold Solicitor’s partners are all accredited Business Law Specialists and have the experience and know-how to reduce your risks and provide the best commercial and legal advice available to you.

NSW Health are legally obliged to pay you the market value of your land and there are other areas you may be entitled to receive money for. Usually tenants are also entitled to some form of compensation as well. Did you know that you are entitled to:

Newhouse & Arnold Solicitors’ business lawyers can provide assistance for a range of legal matters, including:

  • – Business structures including companies, partnerships, and trusts;
  • – Purchase and sale of business including drafting and reviewing contracts, leases and options;
  • – Transfers of liquor licences, poker machine entitlements and equipment licences;
  • – Drafting and reviewing commercial agreements (joint ventures and partnerships), franchise agreements, guarantees, security documents;
  • – Advice on legislative requirements, including corporate structure, governance and compliance;
  • – Corporate and commercial litigation in Court;
  • – Lease disputes & litigation;
  • – Advice on the protection of commercial assets and tax considerations;
  • – The Corporations Act;
  • – Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures sales;
  • – Lending agreements, mortgages and the securities market.

This website also contains a section specifically for Franchise Businesses, with a wealth of information, written by David Newhouse, Accredited Specialist in Business Law.
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