Customer Agreements

It is important to have a specifically drafted IT agreement for each segment of work you are looking at performing for your clients.

IT Disputes

Tender Support

IT & Customer Agreements

Buying or Selling a Business

Are you providing professional services, consultancy services or creating new products for your clients? You may need specialist IT agreements to deal with each of these sceanios.

Will there be additional and ongoing IT maintenance to be performed? All of these components of work need to be provided for in an agreement or multiple agreements to crystalise the terms for which the work will be done. These terms and clauses would include how and when you get paid, what liability you should be exposed to (if any) and what happens if you are unable to perform the terms or the work under the agreement.

What happens if payment is received late and what are your rights in collecting the debt or any interest for non-payment? We cannot stress enough that the agreement be in plain English and the terms are clear to enable your business to be protected, as best you can against unforeseen events that may occur.

It is simply not acceptable to adapt or copy another company’s agreements. This is a breach of copyright and those agreements have been specifically drafted for that business which may not suit your own specific needs. You need an agreement that would best protect your business, deal specifically with your issues to best protect you and place you in the best possible position when something goes wrong.

How does an IT and IP Lawyer help you?

At Newhouse & Arnold solicitors, IT and IP lawyers can assist you with a range of legal matters including reviewing and advising on the following IT & IP areas:

To ensure that your IT agreements are legally binding and also provide adequate protection for your business contact New house & Arnold Solicitors today on 02 9922 1100.